Journal History


On December 2019, the JBSE Journal officially published its article on Volume 1 Number 1 with a total of six articles, who came from external Biology Education majors. Articles published this year have one topics related to science and five topics related to biology education. The article was published in 31th December 2019.


Entering In 2020, the Journal of Biological Science & Education (JBSE) began to improve itself in various matters, such as management, article templates, OJS system, and reviewer boards.

The Journal of Biological Science & Education (JBSE) began to register with the LIPI Scientific Documentation and Data Center (PDDI) to obtain a online ISSN number. The submission of the online version of the ISSN was submitted on Februari 5, 2020.

In June 2020, JBSE Journal publish Volume 2 number 1, six articles were published with a composition of three articles from outside authors and 3 other articles from internal sources.