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Welcome to the online USN Scientific Journal (USN-SJ) Publisher. USN-SJ is an opened journal publisher that consists of some journals focus on some disciplines such as Education, Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, Mathematics, Agribusiness, Agrotechnology, Husbandry, Information System Technology, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, Chemistry, Public Administration, Law, and other Social Sciences. We welcome all research result that is strictly based on the accountable and credible data analysis and methodology.

USN Scientific Journal (USN-SJ) Publisher is owned by the Universitas Sembilanbelas November Kolaka which is affiliated with Relawan Jurnal Indonesia and is the member of DOAJ stated by the ADRI Consortium. All journal in our publisher regularly publish articles semesterly.

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Scale Journal of Civil Engineering (SJCE)

Scale Journal of Civil Engineering (SJCE) is a multi-disciplinary journal that applies the Open
Journal System (OJS). This journal was created as a means to mediate the ideas of students, lecturers
and researchers whose results can be scientifically justified. With the aim of exploring the latest ideas
in obtaining new technology in the world of Civil Engineering so that it can be utilized to facilitate
development. For this reason the Scale Journal of Civil Engineering (SJCE) will discuss the
development of construction technology and issues related to construction activities. This journal
discusses all aspects of civil engineering, namely transportation engineering, structural engineering,
geotechnical engineering, water resources and hydrologic engineering, coastal and harbour engineering,
construction management, environmental engineering, highway engineering, surveying and geo-spasial,
and material engineering. Scale Journal of Civil Engineering (SJCE) publishes articles for one
volume in one year with two issues consisting of at least ten articles for each edition. Number 1 for
Februari and Number 2 for August

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