Muliadi Resky Amalya(1*), Andas Netty Husniati(2),

(1) USN Kolaka
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This research presented the Effect ofJeopardy Game onStudents’ Vocabulary Masteryat Eighth Grade of SMPNegeri14 Kolaka Utara.. The research question was: Is there any Effect ofJeopardy Game onStudents’ Vocabulary Masteryat Eighth Grade of SMPN 14 Kolaka Utara.? The design of this research was a quasi-experiment by using a non-equivalent control group design. The variable of this research consisted of two variables Jeopady Game as the independent variable and the students’ vocabulary mastery as the dependent variable. The samples of this research were the second-grade students class VIII A and VIII B of SMP Negeri 14 Kolaka Utara. There were 26 students in VIII A which consisted of 12 males and 14 females, and there were 26 students in VIII B which consisted of 12 males and 14 females. The instrument of this research was a vocabulary test. Data collection techniques in this research were giving pre-test and post-test. It was found out that there was Effect ofJeopardy Game onStudents’ Vocabulary Masteryat Eighth Grade of SMPNegeri14 Kolaka Utara.It could be seen from the mean score of post-test (64.04), it was higher than the mean score of pre-test (31.46).Andfor the control class can be seen from the mean  of the post-test (59.50), it was higher than the mean of the pre-test (41.38).The results showed that T-test > T-table (12.307 > 2.059) experiment class was higher than T-test > T-table (10,684 > 2.059) control class. The alternative hypothesis (H1) is accepted and the null hypothesis (H0) is rejected.


Jeopardy Game, vocabulary

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