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Journal titleAgribusiness Journal
PublihserUSN Scientific Journal
DOIPrefix 10.31327
Indexed Yes
Publication frequencyBiannual
Publication timeJune & December
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Agribusiness Journal is oriented to reguler publishing of research in the areas of Agribusiness. This journal is a Blind Peer Review that applies an Open Journal System (OJS). This journal is a sub-institution of the Universitas Sembilanbelas November Kolaka. This university has collaborated with ADRI and DOAJ to improve the quality of the journal according to DOAJ standards.

Agribusiness Journal has been accredited with SINTA 4 ranking based on the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia No. 152/E/KPT/2023 concerning Accreditation Ranking of Scientific Journals Period II 2023.

Scope : Agribusiness, Agricultural Commodity Marketing, Agricultural Extension and Communication, Agricultural Production and Development, Agricultural Institutions and Finance, Agricultural Commodity Entrepreneurship, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Commodity and Plantation Agribusiness Performance.

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We kindly announce that by January 2023, Agribusiness Journal changed the URL address to

We ensure to maintain all previously published articles, their metadata and DOIs safe and active.

Thank you to all contributors, reviewers, and readers. We humbly invite you and proudly publish your articles. Hopefully, we will serve you best to develop science for humanity.

Best regard from Indonesia, The Editors.

Posted: 2023-01-01

Call for Papers

  • Call for Paper 2024

    We invite you to submit your paper to Agribusiness Journal. Papers submission deadlines:

    • Vol. 7 No. 1, June 2024, (Full)
    • Vol. 7 No. 2, December 2024, submission deadline: October 30, 2024 (Still empty)

    Submit your manuscripts today (in Indonesia and/or English) through our online system. 

Posted: 2024-03-15

New Templates

  • From issue Vol 6, No 1, June 2023, there is a change in the layout of articles in the Agribusiness Journal.
Posted: 2023-06-20
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Vol 6, No 2 (2023): Agribusiness Journal

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Table of Contents


Fajar Handika, (Universitas Muhammadiyah Parepare )
Andi Sitti Halimah, (Universitas Muhammadiyah Parepare )
Nurhaeda Nurhaeda, (Universitas Muhammadiyah Parepare )
10.31327/aj.v6i2.2032 Abstract views : 84 | PDF views : 37
Kasmawati Kasmawati, (Universitas Muhammadiyah Parepare )
Nurhapsa Nurhapsa, (Universitas Muhammadiyah Parepare )
Nurhaeda Nurhaeda, (Universitas Muhammadiyah Parepare )
10.31327/aj.v6i2.2035 Abstract views : 43 | PDF views : 38
Herawaty Herawaty, (Universitas Islam Makassar )
Andi Asikin Muchtar, (Universitas Islam Makassar )
Akrimah Akrimah, (Universitas Indonesia Timur )
Nurul Muklisahah, (Universitas Indonesia Timur )
Faizah Mahi, (Universitas Indonesia Timur )
10.31327/aj.v6i2.2065 Abstract views : 45 | PDF views : 30
Bustang Bustang, (Universitas Sembilanbelas November Kolaka )
Selfiana Marintin Paembonan, (Universitas Sembilanbelas November Kolaka )
Neks Triani, (Universitas Sembilanbelas November Kolaka )
Masitah Masitah, (Universitas Sembilanbelas November Kolaka )
Syahri Wahyuni, (Universitas Sembilanbelas November Kolaka )
10.31327/aj.v6i2.2072 Abstract views : 44 | PDF views : 34
Suherman Suherman, (Universitas Puangrimaggalatung )
Asrijal Asrijal, (Universitas Puangrimaggalatung )
Fitry Purnamasari, (Universitas Negeri Makassar )
Sri Hardianti Rosadi, (Universitas Puangrimaggalatung )
10.31327/aj.v6i2.2077 Abstract views : 61 | PDF views : 34
Izna Asmi, (Universitas Puangrimaggalatung )
Darwis Darwis, (Universitas Puangrimaggalatung )
Sri Hardianti Rosadi, (Universitas Puangrimaggalatung )
Fitry Purnamasari, (Universitas Negeri Makassar )
10.31327/aj.v6i2.2078 Abstract views : 38 | PDF views : 31
Khaerunnisa Kherunnisa, (Universitas Borneo Tarakan )
Muhammad Wahyu Agung, (Universitas Borneo Tarakan )
Banyuriatiga Banyuriatiga, (Universitas Borneo Tarakan )
Zulhafandi Zulhafandi, (Universitas Borneo Tarakan )
Fitriani R, (Universitas Muhammadiyah )
Ayu Wulandary, (Universitas Muhammadiyah )
10.31327/aj.v6i2.2096 Abstract views : 70 | PDF views : 26